Newtown Tragedy


As new information emerges regarding the horrific events that have occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, my own anguish is shadowed by a single, most disturbing reality. The continuous flow of articles, updates and blogs authored by both friend and “foe”, serve only as temporary distraction to an undeniable truth.

I’m neither enlightened nor entertained by theories pointing toward the alignment of planets, varying income levels, “relaxed” gun laws or limited funding of mental health initiatives as potential causes for this obscene act of horror.

I have to admit my displeasure at having to endure, if even for a moment, discussions of political tone from a variety of news outlets. Even those sources from which I gather fair and balanced information seem unable to avoid strategic commentary in preparatory defense of conservative values and world view.

I make no secret of my own unwavering belief in the foundations of fundamental conservatism. I do not believe however, there to be any political position or legal implementation that could have pacified the dark and perverted thoughts of Adam Lanza. Likewise, I look past reports of Lanza’s pre-existing mental condition, as his damaged mind seems apparent.

The simple yet disturbing truth is that evil does exist. It has no obvious agenda, its made no plan. Evil lurks clumsily through the hearts and minds of all who breathe. It is a shadow from which no corner can hide. Evil is an opportunist who’s assaults are such that no earthly defense can be laid. Evil alone is enough and requires no ally in its afflictions.

What then can we do? What hope is there in this ever darkening place of corruption and malice?

First, we must acknowledge its existence. To deny the presence of evil is to edify its position. To assume there be some Bill, or Law that would quench the thirst of darkness is ignorant at best and only serves to further the denial of its increasing wake. It is not in the hand or mind of mere humans to do battle with such an insidious foe.

Second, we must focus upon those things that are good, and cling to whatever faith or ideology brings joy and encouragement. My own evangelical foundation delivers great comfort, even now, but should your own ideas or experience contradict mine, so be it, so long as you rise inspired in spite of tragedies such as this.

And finally, though its mention seems unnecessary, remind those around you just how much they mean to you. Hold tight to your kids, and smother your spouse with kisses. Call your folks just to say hi, and thank them for every single thing they ever did for you. Track down those siblings you’ve written off and make peace. Turn your anger from the politician and rightly place it upon the politics.

It’s true that darkness is the absence of light. Hatred, the absence of love. Evil, the absence of good. Make every effort to replace those things we find hopeless with things that bring hope. And above all else, fertilize the love that dwells within you. For as powerful as evil may be, its strength is overwhelmed by the power of love.

May God bless the people of Newtown, and America.

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